How we are different.

We believe that not all clients and investors need or want to purchase directly, or subsidize indirectly, the multitude of products and services that the super sized brokers are now providing. We will focus only on those services that add value.

The client advisor relationship.

We believe that both the Client and Advisor must have a mutually agreed upon and beneficial economic interest in order for the Client-Advisor relationship to flourish.

We work closely with our clients to understand their complete financial situation and then recommend only those services and strategies that are relevant to helping our Clients pursue their financial goals and dreams, no matter what stage of life they are in.

While Cross Financial Strategies believes that money, the management of it, and the responsible allocation of it, is of the utmost importance to all of us, we also believe that each of us has a responsibility to give back to society in some form or fashion. To accomplish this goal, we provide pro-bono financial advice and lectures to various community groups, schools and charities throughout the year.


Personal Finance: The Toughest Race of All

Without a doubt, preparing for a competitive athletic event has as many challenges and pitfalls as saving for that proverbial rainy day or planning for retirement. Both journeys promise difficulties that can make you think that doing nothing at all, or even giving up, is the most attractive option.

Stephen Cross, an experienced triathlete and seasoned financial advisor in Dallas, Texas, understands how “information overload” coupled with the lack of a firm game plan can prevent athletes and individual investors from achieving their goals and reaching peak performance.

Learn more by downloading Personal Finance: The Toughest Race of All.